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Bushings and sliding bearings

Production of sintered and self-lubricating bushings in bronze, iron, steel, ptfe and plain bearings.

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BBZ Self-lubricating sintered bronze bushing
BFE Self-lubricating sintered iron bushing
BM Sliding bearings Carbon steel + Bronze + PTFE
BMX Sliding bearings to be lubricated with grease or oil
BMI Sliding bearings stainless steel AISI316 + Bronze + PTFE
ZDB Bronze bushing with lubrication pockets
ZDF Bronze bushings with lubrication holes
SERIE 500 Self-lubricating bronze bushing with graphite interts
BMA Bimetallic bushings
BMD Sliding bearings stainless steel AISI316 + PTFE
FZH Brass ball cages
FZL Aluminium ball cages
FZP Plastic ball cages
BM-SB Sliding bearings with bronze backing + PTFE
B4-TEX Sliding bearings steel + antifriction texture PTFE loaded
B625I Sliding bearings Inconel 625 + PTFE
BBZ-IC Self-lubricating sintered bushings bronze 660 + iron

Barbieri sas has been producing self-lubricating bushings, lubricating bushings and plain bearings for more than thirty years, by metal sintering process such as bronze, iron and steel.

In fact, Barbieri sas produces a wide range of products that can be used in many applications, including cylindrical and flanged bushings, sintered and wrapped bushings and bronze bushings with graphite inserts.

Barbieri sas, as a manufacturer, is able to satisfy both requests for material with standard dimensions and special dimensions suitable for use in the industrial and professional field.

Self-lubricating sintered bushings

The sintered bushings are realized through a sintering process that consists in the pressing of powders inside a mould and the following passage inside special furnaces for sintering. This technology allows to realize self-lubricating bushings, but also machined parts with excellent performances.

This particular production technology makes it possible to obtain a finished part with a porosity that varies from 15% to 25% of its weight. In this way, the part can be impregnated with mineral oil, which makes the finished product self-lubricating.

During the use of the bushing, the oil contained inside it, forms a thin layer of lubricant on its surface. This therefore avoids the addition of grease and other lubricants during work.

Another type of self-lubricating bushings is represented by models with graphite inserts (SERIE 500). These inserts in fact allow the sliding of the surfaces ensuring a lubrication effect, without the need to add oil or grease during operation.

Applications of sintered bushings

Among the areas in which sintered bushings are most commonly used are certainly:

- electrical machines

- electric tools

- textile machines

- machinery used in the chemical industry

- office machines

- machinery used in the automotive industry


Self-lubricating wrapped bushings and wrapped bushings to be lubricated.

This type of product is manufactured by means of a calendering process that consists in wrapping a metal strip appropriately made. In the case of self-lubricating wrapped bushings, a product that Barbieri sas identifies with the initials BM, self-lubrication is due to the presence of PTFE (Teflon) in the inner layer. In the wrapped bushings to be lubricated, identified with the initials BMX, ZDB and ZDF, there are pockets or holes that have the function of retaining the lubricant that will be added later, since they cannot run dry.

The use of this type of product finds application in a variety of technical areas.

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