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Sintered customized parts


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Barbieri sas has been producing sintered machined parts according to drawings for over thirty years, by pressing of bronze, iron and steel powders. The company is able to follow all phases of the project, from the design of the moulds to the realization of the finished product, through pressing of metal powders, and sintering in equipped furnaces, and further mechanical processing where required. Finally, it is possible to make the product self-lubricating if required.

Sintered machined parts

Sintering is an advanced metallurgical technique based on the pressing of metal powders into special moulds and subsequent passage through special furnaces which allow the micro-welding of the powder particles themselves. This type of technology is particularly suited to the manufacture of custom machined parts because it has specific advantages:

- High production speed

- The possibility to produce shapes of even very complex geometry on drawing

- An excellent precision of the parts, superior to die-casting

- A high reproducibility in series of the pieces

- The possibility to select the mixture of metal powders to maximize the required performance

- The elimination of production waste and the reduction of finishing operations required

- The possibility of exploiting the natural porosity of sintered parts to impregnate them with mineral oil and make shaped parts self-lubricating or protect them from corrosion


Applications of sintered machined parts according to drawings

Among the areas where sintered customized machined parts are used most are certainly

- The automotive sector

- Electrical and electronic equipment

- Textile machines

- Diesel engines

- Household appliances

- Locks

- The pneumatics sector

- Precision mechanics

- And, in general, all sectors where there are complex geometries to be realized in important numbers.


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    Ottimo prodotto. Consegna precisa e puntuale.


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