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3 years warranty

Barbieri sas guarantees its products against Defects of Conformity present at the origin reported within 3 years from the date of purchase, proven by an appropriate invoice.
Warranty means the replacement or restoration of products that our staff found not compliant.

Any other indemnity is excluded, nor can direct or indirect damages be claimed for temporary non-use of the purchased goods.

The warranty lapses if the product is damaged or rendered faulty due to an improper or incorrect storage or use and / or if the conditions of use / maintenance / lubrication do not meet the requirements of "good technique" and the regulations reference and / or reported in the technical documents (catalogs, drawings, etc.) of Barbieri sas.

The examination of the defects and their causes will always be done by Barbieri sas, also using external laboratories, upon delivery to our production site of the supposed non-compliant product.

The customer is obliged to document in an incontrovertible manner the origin of the product and its identifying coordinates that Barbieri sas inserts in every shipment in order to allow traceability of the product and its components within the production cycle of Barbieri sas.
If such data are not provided, the validity of the Warranty will lapse.

Return method

The product must be carefully packed, possibly in its original packaging, and returned to our warehouse at:
Via Marisa Bellisario, 10
20825 Barlassina (MB)
Goods with other destinations, such as registered office, can’t be accepted, therefore rejected.
It is recommended to affix the following wording on the package and clearly in view: RETURN No. (same as the NCR -not conformity report-, ex A323); this wording must be visible on the package at the time of delivery and in any case before acceptance, on the other hand the parcel will be refused for lack of authorization. In this regard, we advise you to ensure that the courier does not cover the authorization number and in any case does not use additional packaging making the authorization number not visible.
All returns of goods on which the authorization number isn’t clearly visible can’t be accepted.
It is very important to include a document confirming the defect found in order to speed up the control and replacement procedure.

The return authorization number is valid for 10 days from receipt of our e-mail, after which the re-entry procedure will lapse, effectively invalidating the return authorization; it is therefore binding that the goods are received no later than the period of validity of the return authorization.
Returned goods can be accepted by agreeing with our sales department which carrier to use. Barbieri s.a.s. won’t accept goods back delivered by another carrier which is not prevented.
IMPORTANT: when sending the product, the customer is aware that in the event that following the structural and functional checks of the product indicated as defective, it should be fully functional, damaged by negligence, inadequately packed, the product will be returned to the sender with the increase in management costs of € 20.00.

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